Nurse Patient Ratio Should Be Kept At A Manageable Level Essay

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It is a common scenario to hear nurses complain that they are burdened with heavy patient workload and they are at risk for lowering the professional quality of life. This might be due to various factors like under-staffing, increase in the demand for nurses as the population ages, inadequate supply of available nurses, intentional lowering of staff on roll to reduce cost, and more needs due to shorter hospital stays. Nurse patient ratio should be kept at a manageable level in the best act to practice safe. Professional fatigue for the nurses and the resulting errors can only be reduced by keeping the nurse patient ratio in recommended range.
A report from the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU), Nursing Workload and Patient Care: Understanding the value of nurses, the effects of excessive workload and how nurse-patient ratios and dynamic staffing models can help, published in 2012 cited that the statistically for every surgical patient added to a nurse’s workload, the odds of a patient dying under that nurse’s care increased by 7% (Berry & Curry, 2012). It should also be taken into account that higher nurse workloads also correlate to higher infection rates, more readmissions and falls, inability of nurses to observe potentially fatal complications in their patients, and lower patient satisfaction. CFNU study was to analyze the nurse patient ratio and how it can impact on the level of service provided. This study was based on California RN staffing ratio law that…

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