Nurse Patient Ratio In Nursing

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Nurses help patients heal. The quality of care patients receive directly correlates to the number of nurses available for care. Nurses should be advocates for their patients. They should stand up when they need to give the care patients deserve. This paper will discuss hospital settings, improvement issues, stakeholders and theory of nurse patient ratio.
Hospital Setting
This improvement project will be in the context of a hospital setting. Hospitals have many clients come and go. Nurses have many patients to take care for. The number of days allowable for hospital stays have become 4.9, down from 7.5 in the past few years. This increases the workload of nurses. Chinese hospitals can help one to understand what occurs if there are not enough nurses and too many patients to care for. This is study comprised of patients and nursing staff. There were a total of 7,802 nurses surveyed. 5,430 clients were surveyed from medical surgical units (Zhu, You, Zheng, Liu, Fang, Hou, & Zhang, 2012, pg. 278). During day shifts, the average number of patients per nurse was 6.43 and the average number of patient per nurse on night shift was 18 (Zhu, et al., 2012, pg. 268).
Improvement Issue
The nursing issue that needs improving is the nurse to patient ratio. There are too many patients and not enough nurses to care
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This paper discussed the hospital setting, improvement issue, stakeholders and theory of nurse patient ratio. Hospital settings are good example of the small amount of nurses compared to many patients they have. This leads to patients not being taken care of as well as they should be. It also leads to errors and lack of time to help their patients. To make a change all nurses have to be involved. They should join groups to get the word out and get others involved. Overall, when there are more nurses caring for patients the cost goes down dramatically because there are less errors to

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