Reflective Essay On Nursing Clinical Rotation

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On Monday November 7th during my Acute Nursing clinical rotation at Nashville General Hospital I was given the opportunity to go into the Emergence Department or ED. Kamila, a registered nurse, introduced herself as the charge nurse on the floor. She told other nursing students and myself, that in result of the staff shortage the staff was extremely busy. I was able to meet Sarah also a Registered Nurse and Tennessee State University Alum. What surprised me the most is that majority of the nurses at General Hospital were accurately trained. They practiced evidenced based procedures and are great Nurse’s. I watched her administer an IV, and complete a blood draw. Immediately after blood draws, all labs except for blood samples are time, dated and labeled at the bedside. The patient had a medication order for a Tornado shot classified as a Nonsteroidal anti-Inflammatory drug that can treat pain. She worked swiftly as she provided care to the patient, while practicing evidenced based she discussed her actions along the entire time while in that patient’s room. I received so much insight during this rotation I now know how the emergency department orchestrated there; which was most helpful and affirming. Kimilia informed me that the unit receive a lot of psychiatric patients around this time of the …show more content…
I did not feel distant at any moment in the clinical rotation. There were times during the rotation where it slowed up but I applied myself at every opportunity that I could. Majority of the day, the staff were occupied on what needed to get done, and when we admitted a new patient’s the other students and I all rotated on administering IV’s and blood

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