The Importance Of Apprehensiv Nurses

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It was my last day of another exciting summer camp season. I stood in the middle of the playground and scanned the room to ensure that all my campers were being safe and playing fair with one another. I began to relax my guard, feeling confident that all was well. At that same moment I heard a piercing outcry of my name. I quickly turned my shift in the direction of the scream and noticed a significant amount of blood running down one of my camper’s face. As I rushed towards her aid, she pleading with me saying, “Ms. Joan! Ms. Joan! Please do not let me die.” Although I was not certain about the magnitude of her injury, I was quick to assure her that everything was going to be fine. Using the first aid training we received at the beginning of the summer, my co-counselor and I were able to safely clean, sterilize, and bandage the camper’s contusion that was directly on her forehead. Although I was …show more content…
They work in a vast majority of facilities including schools, health clinics, and hospitals. Not only do nurses work with individuals, they can also carry out large group interventions in communities. Because nurses deliver a high percentage of all healthcare services, their role in working towards global health is highly significant. In many poor countries, nurses are being utilized as the sole provider of healthcare services due to the shortage of physicians. Without passionate and dedicated nurses, many individuals in undeveloped countries will continue to suffer from preventable health conditions. Because nurses are capable of working with any other medical profession, their skill sets can be utilized to aid in the delivery of health services to these economically stricken countries. It is important to remember that in order to improve global health, we must begin to fully capitalize on the knowledge and skills of nurses. The movement of global health equity cannot be successful if nurses are not being factor into the

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