Essay about Nur 405 Healthy Communitites Windshield Reflection

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Windshield Survey Reflection
Jessica O.
NUR/405 Healthy Communities: Theory and Practice
March 28th, 2016
Cynthia Januale

Community can be defined in many ways. According to Meriam Webster (n.d), there are 12 different ways that community can be defined. Community can best be defined as “a group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood)” ("Community," n.d). To most people, community is the area and people that surround the place they live and/or work. Community health is defined by Stanhope and Lancaster (2014) as “the meeting of collective needs through identification of problems and management of behaviors within the community itself and between the community and the larger society.” Community as
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This means that the family lives among people that it can relate to and feel familiar with the culture of their neighbors and friends.

The city has a wide spread population of people that are not Caucasian such as black Hispanic and Asian, but over 50% of the population was White. The city did not appear to be bias die to this overwhelming majority of White citizens, however it did not appear to be very diverse. There was definitely a large amount of senior citizens, who are definitely a vulnerable population. The city’s website even made mention of the fact that they have a large senior citizen population and recognized the special needs that they must accommodate to help these senior citizens.

Some of the aspects of the city that can affect the residents’ health include the promotion of well-being that the city and its’ citizens appear to have. So many people were out and about getting exercise and enjoying the outdoors. As previously mentioned, the city also offers many different exercise classes and activities for its’ citizens for a small fee and even offers free classes to its’ senior citizen population as well. Another thing about the city that can affect the citizen’s health is the warm weather and mild winters. Being in Southern California, the city of La Verne enjoys winters with little rain and mild winter temperatures, meaning no snow or freezing conditions. This makes it

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