Essay on Nur/403 Watson's Theory of Human Caring

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Watson's Theory of Human Caring Kimberly Garcia NUR/403 June 24, 2013 Athena Brummett Watson's Theory of Human Caring A caring moment can be defined in many different ways by many different people. To me a caring moment between a patient and a nurse is when a nurse gives the patient their undivided attention. The nurse should take the time to listen to the patient and provide appropriate feedback reassuring the patient that they are being heard and the information as well as them are important. If the patient will allow the nurse to touch them this can be a very comforting gesture even if it is just a brief touch to the hand. Also repeat what …show more content…
I would get a little information from him, but I did start to discover that he had been going through some very hard times. The things that had happened to him led him to start drinking alcohol and using drugs which was how he ended up in jail. I continually would try to get him to take his diabetic medications. He also had hypertension and hyperlipidemia and would not take the medications for those either. This went on for two months with him telling me to just leave him alone he is not worth the trouble. I would order laboratory studies he would refuse, I would order medications and he would also refuse those. I usually tried to have face to face visits with the diabetic patients at least twice a week and had one day where I had quite a few patients to see. This patient was on my schedule but not until later in the day. It seemed like everyone was having a bad day almost every patient that I saw was angry and taking it out on me and I was feeling very frustrated. By the time I got to this patient I was fed up, only to hear him tell me how I was wasting my time he was not going to change his mind. So I just looked at him and said "I do not even know why I continue to do this, nobody cares anyway" as I said this I had tears in my eyes and told the patient he could just go ahead and leave, and he

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