Numeracy and Literary Scenario Essay

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This is the first assignment of the subject of EDF 1307 Early Literacy and Numeracy which require me to observe and analyze of an everyday literacy or numeracy scenario of a young child. First of all, I will talk about the background of the scenario; follow by the description of the scenario, analysis based on mathematical concept and literacy component, evaluation of the scenario, recommended activities and the conclusion as well. The references will be provided after the conclusion.

Background of the scenario:

The scenario took place in the living room in my mother’s friend house. The child that I observed is Aunty Suan’s daughter which is Jora, 4 years old. The participant involved were five of
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Recommended activities for the child:

Due to my observation, I would like to suggest the parents provide the opportunity for the children to learn number to call in an emergency. For example, the children will know to call 000 when there is an emergency. Besides, the parents also can teach the children to identify the emergency workers such as policeman and fire fighters by using flashcard or story books in order to broaden their knowledge. In addition, it is also very important for the parents to teach their children to recognize their home address as it will be very useful for the child to know when they need to direct someone to their house when there is an emergency.


In summary, Math’s is all around us and I think that children will actually benefit a lot during their play. Even if when they are playing, they are actually learning about mathematics and literacy as well. As what I can see, Jora understood how adults use number to make telephone calls and she is able to translate her understanding of adult’s activities into her pretend play. It is very important for an adult or teacher to observe the children and plan some useful follow activities to meet their needs and enhance their knowledge. We also should encourage children to explore and learn things in a creative way. As a teacher, we also can facilitate the children’s play by asking some open-ended questions so that they will

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