Nuer Refugees from Sudan Essay

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Imagine being dropped off in a foreign place where you have never been before or even heard of. You have been dropped off with nothing but the clothes on your back and barely speak a word of the language that is spoken there. This is how the Nuer feel when then go to the United States from Sudan for more freedom. Sure the United States may have more opportunities for a better life than Sudan, but it comes with a lot of life-changing events and challenges that the Nuer must face daily. In Nuer Journeys Nuer Lives, Jon Holtzman discusses the challenges the Nuer face and how they overcome them once they have been kicked out of their homes and immigrate to Minnesota in the United States. The journey of the Nuer to the United States began …show more content…
Once all of this process was done they would be issued travel documents, given some brief background to the American culture and a health check. After this process had been accomplished, most Nuer had faced the most difficult challenges that they would have to face in this transition of moving to America. While leaving Sudan they had to leave behind everything they ever owned, including a huge portion of their Nuer culture of their home country and learn to adapt to the American culture in Minnesota. The Nuer culture is much different than that of any type of American culture. Yes both cultures had some similarities, but for the most part they had their differences and this was a challenge that Nuer had to overcome once in the United States. The most important part of the Nuer culture was the use of cattle and how it is essential to the economics of their culture by providing them with daily essential needs, such as milk, meat, hides, and fuel. Having cattle is what would define a social relationship between the Nuer (4). For instance, the most important use of cattle was used for the payment of bridewealth to the bride's family from the groom's when a young couple would get married (5). In terms of what the Nuer would wear it was hardly any clothing at all. If they did wear anything on

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