Nuclear Weapons Of The United States Essay

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Since the waning years of World War II, the various nations of the world have put a lot of time, energy, and resources in to developing nuclear arsenals for preventive reasons. But is that really always why they acquire them? I would say yes, but not to prevent the same things. There are a few different reasons why nuclear weapons have been developed in the past by various existing nuclear powers, and this has varied from preventing invasions to preventing loss of life in their own invasions, among other reasons. The United States was the first to develop nuclear weapons at a time when it could defend itself from its rivals if need be, but it could be argued that the weapons that were developed allowed the United States to end the war with Japan much sooner than otherwise possible, which would have been extremely costly in both lives and resources if it continued. There are a variety of nations that have or had nuclear weapons, and I’ll be looking in to some of the nations that I feel can represent the varying viewpoints. I will be examining a total of five nations, two of the nuclear powers recognized by the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty, and two who are not recognized by the treaty. The first nation that I would like to look in to is the original nuclear power, the United States. The United States and its allies were locked in a heated battle with the Axis powers in the deadliest war in human history, World War II, in the 1930’s and 40’s. Nuclear weapons were first…

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