Nuclear Weapons Are The Most Destructive Devices Ever Formulated

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Nuclear weapons are the most destructive devices ever formulated. The initial reason the US made this new weapon was fear that Germany was developing its own atomic bomb and also to subdue enemies in World War II. These reasons prompted the Hiroshima bombing that immediately took tens of thousands of lives and devastated the city for decades. Currently, some suggest that these weapons deter countries from war, but with relative peaceful situations between major countries and looking back to the Hiroshima devastation, today, world leaders are trying to stop the proliferation of these weapons to avoid a nuclear war. Nuclear weapons are the most powerful devices ever made and have been imperative as war deterrents among nuclear powers, but the fact that we currently live in relative peace and that they have the potential to produce major devastation questions the reason why we need them today. The probable devastation and costs nuclear weapons present demonstrates their irrelevant role in our country. Possessing nuclear arms comes with risks of potential destruction, whether they are from accidents or unauthorized launches. The US was the first country to “devised the technology,” yet it has experienced many instances where nuclear weapons almost “destroyed American cities” (Schlosser 1). The Pentagon claimed that the US has endured 32 serious accidents, but other sources believe that over a thousand nuclear related accidents have happened. For example, instances where a…

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