Nuclear Weapons And Delivery Systems Essay

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The current force requires a rebalance as the globe becomes more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). To secure the Nations interest during a period of increasing complexity, uncertainty and fiscal constraint, Joint Force 2025 capabilities defend the homeland from rapidly changing security challenges and rebalance the force with agility, integration, flexibility and innovation. Strategic guidance provided by the 2014 QDR, 2015 NMS and CCJO highlight current and future security environments, requirements to reshape current capabilities for Joint Force 2025 by service, with advantages and disadvantages and associated risks.
The future security environment increases in complexity and uncertainty with the rise of state and non-state actors, proliferation of technology, limited resources, and shifting demographics. In this complex strategic security environment, the U.S. military does not have the luxury of focusing on one challenge to the exclusion of others. Russia undermines regional security by violating agreements simultaneously disregarding the sovereign rights of their neighbors. Iran and North Korea pursue nuclear weapons and delivery systems disregarding the international community challenging the security of the U.S. and their neighbors. Challenges remain dynamic and unpredictable, particularly from regimes in North Korea and Iran. The POTUS supports the rise of China and the Asia-Pacific region as stated in the National Security Strategy; however…

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