Nuclear Weapons And Atomic Weapons Essay

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Nuclear weapons, a relatively new technology, have unparalleled power; the power to, quite literally, destroy nations and even the world. Such power is not an easy feat to obtain. Nuclear weapons are such a complicated system that it takes many years for countries to develop them, and many countries, today, have not advanced in their technological understanding of the weapons to create nuclear weapons. The development of nuclear weapons start with the attaining of enriched uranium and weapon grade plutonium. Aside from finding these elements in nature, which are scarcely found around the earth, the elements must be processed so that they may be used in nuclear weapons. The enrichment of natural uranium increases the percentage composition of uranium-235 to about 80 percent or higher; which is weapon grade; weapon grade plutonium, plutonium-239, is typically enriched to about 90 percent or higher. Most commonly, centrifuge techniques are used for the enrichment of nuclear weapon grade elements. The gas centrifuge uses cylinders, rotating, to push the higher quality uranium or plutonium to the center of the apparatus. While, the gas molecules of elements, move closer to the center of the gas centrifuge, the gas molecules of the lower quality elements move closer to the outside of the device. In addition to producing enriched elements, countries, including the United States, also engage in the market for the enriched elements from other countries with greater resources of the…

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