Essay Nuclear Weapon And Nuclear Weapons

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In February 13, 2009 they have such a long debate which President Barack Obama “referred to the need to reduce the force structure of our strategic military systems by cutting the number of deployed nuclear weapons”. In this debate he spoke about why we should reduce our nuclear weapon and what it will be cause of reducing it. He also mentions that military civilian leaders have make plan to reduce nuclear weapons, the main question is what if United State reduce nuclear weapon and what will be consequences for nuclear weapon reduce.
In the book of “Spread of Nuclear weapon” Scott D. Sagan also said that we should worry if United State have more nuclear weapon and the reason he give is “The two superpower maintained a long peace throughout the cold war, despite deep political hostilities, numerous crises and a prolonged arm race.” (The spread of Nuclear weapon: Chapter 1). What he want to say that it will be more dangerous for United Stated to get a more nuclear weapon. If we use nuclear zero option what will be happen. In the book of nuclear weapon Scott D. Sagan is totally agree on it because same time President Barack Obama give speech in 2009 and he said that “ Stands to transform the world only superpower into a nuclear impotent, The united State will take concrete steps toward a world without nuclear weapons” (the spread of Nuclear weapon: Chapter 7).President statement describe that if we try to reduce nuclear weapon it will be no harm of United State and it will…

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