Nuclear War Effects On The Environment

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In regards to the significance in maintaining citizens safe and the environment clean, why do Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un choose to provoke each other knowing the disastrous consequences of nuclear war? In the past, country leaders have discussed nuclear war and the problematic effects that ensue from nuclear bombs, and the possible loss of a significant portion of the population and the impacts it has on the environment. In order to avoid nuclear war and its impacts, it is necessary for Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un to improve their diplomatic relations and promote peace between the two countries (Arms 1), if they want to keep their citizens and environment secure. The population would be perhaps, one of the most affected segments if a nuclear …show more content…
Two of the largest environmental disasters including the Fukushima (Japan) and the Chernobyl (Ukraine) nuclear power plant accidents caused immense damage to the environment and surrounding countries because of the radiation released as a result of malfunctions (Steinhauser 801). The Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear power plant accidents illustrate the effects radiation has on the environment because they are examples of disasters involving nuclear power. After the Fukushima incident, there was large amounts of radiation that were released in the Pacific ocean which also affected the marine organisms in that area (Steinhauser 803). Although, it is unclear how radiation in water damages the marine organisms or the water itself, it is still dangerous for the human use of water. For example, there are some of countries that convert saltwater into freshwater, therefore it would be dangerous to ingest radiation-contaminated water if the radiation were to spread. In addition, if the marine organisms were to be radiation contaminated and people fish in the area, the people who would eat the fish would get contaminated with radiation and could develop harmful diseases or possibly even die. A result of the Chernobyl accident was that radiation transmitted through air affected multiple countries because of the nuclear power plant’s location in the middle of the European continent (Steinhauser 803). As a result of the release of large amounts of radiation, the air was contaminated and most likely caused people health problems thus, affecting the environment surrounding the nuclear power plant. The soil and plants were also found contaminated after the incidents, the soil and plants were physically decaying and there was migration into the soil (Steinhauser 807). After the nuclear power plant disasters, it is clear how the radiation causes the soil and plants to be unusable

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