What Are The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Energy

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Cheap fast and in a hurry that how america is when it comes to energy .The more you can receive at a low price where new energy sources come to play .Nuclear energy is balance and scale of energy with its cons and pros.What is nuclear energy ? Nuclear energy the energy that is in the nucleus which is also known as the core of the atom.Atoms are tiny tiny things little things that makes up all the matter .Nuclear energy is used to create electricity. For the energy to be used it must 1st be distributed from the atom. In nuclear fission atoms are split to release the energy. How does nuclear energy work? Similar to a fossil-fueled power plant or an oil plant water is turned into steam, which in turn drives turbine generators to …show more content…
It is found in the Earth’s crust and can be found in small amounts in rocks and soil. Thorium is far more chemically stable and has limited radioactive debris compared to Uranium making it safer and environmentally friendly.Thorium has little negative effects on the environment as well as health concerns. World production of Thorium would exceed 30,000 tonnes per year. This would lead to an increase of Thorium in the environment because of releases, purposely or accidentally, released into the air.People have always been exposed to Thorium through air, food, and water because it is a natural element that is found nearly everywhere on Earth, so they can easily be ignored. Uncontrolled and dangerous levels of Thorium can be disposed in hazardous waste sites with proper procedures, keeping citizens unexposed.There are many uses for Nuclear Energy Three Of The Most Common Are is creating electricity. A nuclear reactor produces and controls the release of energy. Nuclear energy supplies around 11% of the world’s electricity, and only 31 countries generate up to three quarters of their electricity.The second common form is Low …show more content…
Nuclear power plants provide 20% of the U.S. power.
What economic advantages does nuclear energy have ?It creates jobs, it cheap electricity, and had a low fuel cost. It creates jobs because there are many jobs that deal with nuclear energy. Some may be dangerous but they pay good money.Nuclear energy facilities generate electricity 24/7 at a 92 percent capacity factor. This is more efficient than other types of energy—combined-cycle natural gas, with a 47.8 percent capacity factor; coal-fired at 60.9 percent; and wind at 33.9 percent.
Perspective of a business owner.My name is Myonia Jackson im 22 years old and i 'm in the energy invistment.My goal is affordable fuel for the tri state area.Nuclear energy appelas to me by being more affortable and a lot for a little.Nuclear energy speaks to the consumer when selling the product by people more efficant with energy and the enviorment the fossil fuels.The down side to selling my clinets woould be that the Charnobles and other nuclear energy power plants melt down scare the society in thinking about radiation;creating deformites in the people or

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