Nuclear Power Of Nuclear Facilities Essay

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Since the MAUD(Military Application of Uranium Detonation) Committee, man has tried to harness the power of the atom, and with the endeavors of a few brilliant minds we have succeeded. This achievement allows clean sustainable energy to be produced, yet many people still have a distinct apprehension towards nuclear power("History of Nuclear Energy"). I hypothesize that this form of power is more innocuous, clean, sustainable and efficient than one might believe. When one thinks “nuclear” a few daunting things come to mind: Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and Chernobyl. All of these caused a multitude of fatalities and injuries, which have been seared in people 's brains from the extensive number of images taken from these events. Many people do not know that the fuel used in the reactors can only overheat and melt, but it is lacks the capability of exploding(“Safety of Nuclear Reactors”). Nuclear plants have a broad number of standards and procedures that range from natural disasters to terroristic attacks. These procedures are all regulated by the federal government and must be met in order for the plant to be functioning. Looking at the safety regulations for nuclear reactors that are put in place throughout the United States, you will notice that the possibility of a nuclear meltdown or incident of happening are next to impossible. Nuclear power also has one of the lowest deaths per KWy(Kilo-Watt Year) at thirty-one(“Safety of Nuclear Reactors”). This number includes both…

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