Essay on Nuclear Power Is More Beneficial Than Harmful

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Nuclear power is used worldwide, but is put under the question as to if it is more beneficial than harmful. Nuclear power is the process of atomic reactions that produce a form of energy, in the United States providing about twenty percent of the country 's electricity. The controversy that pertains nuclear power use has been gradually escalating because some may believe that nuclear power plants are more harmful than safe and some may disagree of the matter. Nuclear power is questionable due to the controversy that revolve around concerns such as; safety, nuclear power plant accidents, radioactive waste, and nuclear proliferation. Nuclear power has been around with the use of nuclear power plants since the late nineteen hundreds. As said from a source used by Janna Palliser, “Worldwide, more than 400 nuclear power plants produce sixteen percent of the world 's electricity (CASEnergy Coalition, 14). Nuclear energy is produced in nuclear power plants used with uranium. Nuclear power plants are commonly used with the element uranium 238 and uranium 235 (two different forms of uranium with different number of electrons) as a solid form, the uranium is in solid ceramic pellets as long tubes which is reacted with neutrons causing fission to occur, the uranium and neutrons result in the atoms to split and release heat. Further into the process of fission; there is a chain reaction of the splitting of atoms that create heat, the heat is later used to generate steam which is…

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