Nuclear Power Is A Clean Fuel Essay

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1) Site/Situation History & Background (Fort MacMurray, Alberta)
Nuclear power is a clean fuel, which results in little waste. In comparison with the traditional way of power generation, nuclear power is low-emission and high-efficiency in addition to being a carbon-free method of generating electricity.
In this assessment, we are trying to figure out the contaminant sources of the nuclear power plant. The biggest threat for human’s health is the radioactivity of the chemicals which are being used to created power. Generally speaking, the radioactivity usually comes from the waste of the nuclear power plant, which is created during the nuclear reprocessing. Based on the intensity of these chemicals, they are separated into 3 levels:
1. High-level waste
2. Intermediate-level waste
3. Low-level waste
One thing must be clearly pointed out is the radioactivity comes from the waste is the most harmful to health, which is why observations about this area are of high importance. In this case, we decided to focus on the high-level waste since it has the most adverse impacts on humans and the environment. Radioactivity will decrease with the increase of time. The traditional method of storing waste is burying underground until it doesn’t pose a threat to human and environmental health.
We decided to choose uranium as the representative to finish this risk assessment since it is one of the most important chemical for nuclear power plant to create energy.

2) Chemical of Concern…

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