Essay about Nuclear Power As A Source Of Energy

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The use of nuclear power has been under debate for many years; with issues such as environmental impact, safety, cost, waste management, and efficiency, the cons clearly outweigh the pros. Nuclear power plants have been supplying electricity to the population for nearly 60 years, but all things must come to an end as better options emerge and humanity develops as a species. It 's only natural for things to become outdated, or be replaced by better options as they become available. Nuclear power is a source of energy, created through a reaction when a uranium atom is split, releasing heat that is used to produce electricity. It was initially used as an alternative to coal, as coal-burning facilities were becoming a hazard to the environment. "Today, nuclear power provides approximately 17% of the electricity generated in the United States" (Dickes 34). Compared to the past, gas-powered plants have spiked up to over 1 million gigawatt hours, while nuclear plants, surpassed significantly by coal and natural gas, remain around where they were in 2005 (Sholtis). We no longer need to rely on nuclear power as there are many alternatives available to us, and we certainly do not need to invest in the building of new power plants. In fact, what funding can be cut from these plants should be, in order to increase funding for further development of better sources of energy. One of the most well known issues when it comes to nuclear power is the environmental impact. Some may argue…

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