Essay on Nuclear Power And Nuclear Energy

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1. Introduction

Most nuclear power plants/reactors work in quite a similar way. The power/energy released by the reaction of continuous fission of the atoms (this process is call nuclear fission) from the fuel (this is achieved by using radioactive elements) is use create heat for liquid to turn into steam. This steam is then used to drive the turbines in the power plant, which produce electricity. (World Nuclear Association, 2015) The nuclear power plants on average now have about 33% efficiency to using heat/steam in the power plant and providing 10.9% of the world’s electricity in 2012.

2. History of Nuclear power generation
2.1 Introduction Nuclear power generation

The first working nuclear reactor to generate electricity is call the ‘X-10 Graphite Reactor’ tested in Oak Ridge, Tennessee in the United States on September 3, 1948. The second successful experiment on nuclear reactors is tested at the EBR-I experimental station, in the United States on December 20, 1951. (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2013) The first nuclear power plant to successfully generate electricity to a power grid started on June 27, 1954, and set its operations at Obninsk in the Soviet. (World Nuclear Association, 2006) The first majorly used nuclear power station start to operate at Calder Hall in England opened on October 17, 1956. (Queen switches on nuclear power, 2008) 2.2 Origins of Nuclear Power

Soon after finding out that radioactive elements, for example radium, released huge amount…

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