Nuclear Power And Its Effects On The Future Essay examples

1411 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
Would you really enjoy a dystopia in which nuclear leaks that cause animals to have mutations, And children born with defects, are frequent? How about an energy system that also provides an ineffective economy and more frequent terrorist attacks? Those could possibly be the results of a switch back to Nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is not a viable source of energy for the future, although it does produce massive amounts of energy capable of powering industrial and city needs. My arguments against this are that it is very dangerous, it is expensive, and there are much better options. Nuclear plants, or places which are constructed in order to perform nuclear fusion to create energy, were abandoned about a decade ago for a reason. Not to mention, conditions have exasperated over the years, considering how the cost of erecting a facility has risen, according to The Nuclear Illusion by Amory B. Lovins and Imran Sheikh, The Economist observed in 2001 that “Nuclear power, once claimed to be too cheap to meter, is now too costly to matter”—cheap to run but very expensive to build. Since then, it has become severalfold costlier still to build—and in a few years, as old fuel contracts expire, it is also expected to become severalfold costlier to run. Nuclear energy is possibly one of the worst methods of energy and it is quite baffling that some countries still use this method. Why work with something so limited, dangerous, expensive, and inferior when other things with brighter…

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