Essay Nuclear Power And Its Effect On The Environment

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Have you ever been watching T.V. and just wondered where the energy that was powering the television was coming from, or how it was made? Well that power source is called nuclear power and many people do not think about nuclear power, or just not pay any attention to nuclear power, but nuclear power is one of the most useful thing to have been discovered. It powers so much. Without nuclear power you would not have electricity to charge Iphones and laptops. With nuclear power we do so much with it and yet so little is done compared to limit of nuclear power. Although nuclear power can cause harm to the environment, scientists are starting to recycle waste so it won 't be deposited into rivers, lakes and the ocean. People do not realise it, but without nuclear power who knows where we would be. We still may be using candles to light our entire house or still communicate through hand written letters. There would be no power or electricity. No T.V. or video games.
Nuclear power is one of the main power sources in the world. With that comes a lot of questions of if it is safe for the environment and if it is too expensive. According to Sustainable energy (1999) nuclear power in 1974 expanded dramatically because it was in such high demand, as it is today. The power plants also create jobs which are high in demand now a days. Jobs like security, (which is very important at the power plants), operators, managers, and many more. Nuclear energy also gives us limitless uses while…

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