Nuclear Power And Its Effect On The Environment Essay

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Nuclear power, is it the best way to approach our increasing demand for energy? This is a great way to generate power, but some may argue the cost for a power plant can be avoided by creating cheaper renewable energy sources. Reactors are now currently being worldwide in countries including Russia, Japan, China, United States, India and many more. Coal was and still is the worlds leading energy source, and must be stopped or it will continue to destroy the environment and cause many more health hazards especially for those living near coal power plants. Since nuclear plants are very resourceful, relatively cheap to operate, has a high security presence, and it greatly improves the environment, the idea of creating more nuclear power plants has great potential not only for science, but for our nation.

In the 1930 's, scientists discovered nuclear reactions which later in 1944 will be used in a controlled reaction to unearth its potential to harness energy. Many different types of nuclear reactors are now being used worldwide since this discovery of nuclear energy, from pressurized water reactor (PWR), and fast neutron reactor (FBR) to gas-cooled reactors (AGR & MAGNOX). Many people are now skeptical towards the production of more nuclear power plants after the major accidents of Chernobyl and Fukushima resulting in many exposed to high radiation levels which led to cancer or death. When comes great power comes great responsibility, nuclear power usage involves many hazards…

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