Nuclear Families Are Considered Traditional Essay

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Nuclear families are considered traditional. It consists of a two-parent household and their children. This type of family is considered the ideal type. Today’s households vary greatly from his tradition. There are single-parent families, extended families, adoptive families, same-sex parent families, grandparent families, never-married families, and a host of others. Families today tend to fall within several of these types.
Modern families can be portrayed by the show Modern Family. This family includes a father who has remarried a younger female, she is around the age of his children, who has a child around his grandchildren’s age. His son is gay and married. They adopted a child of another race. His daughter’s family resembles that of the traditional family, two parents (married) and three children.
Extended families include the normal nuclear family, two parents and their children, as well as, but not limited to grandparents or other relatives. This family may form because of financial issues, a daughter not being able to afford to put her parent in a nursing home. This type is fairly common amongst all others. Same-sex families include parents of children who are of the same sex. Single-parent families include families with only one parent present in the home. More than often, this type family includes a mother and her children, but there are single parent home with a father and his children too. This family type is the most common out of all other types…

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