Essay about Nuclear Energy : Nuclear Power Plants

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Nuclear power plants have always been controversial to environmentalists and the general public. They are as intriguing as they sound as well. Nuclear power plants are one of the alternatives to fossil-fueled power plants. Nuclear power plants is a thermal power station which uses the heat from nuclear fission in an enclosed environment to change water to steam. This drives turbine generators to produce electricity. A physician named Enrico Fermi discovered the potential of nuclear fission in 1934 by bombarding uranium atoms with neutrons. In 1942, Fermi created the first self-sustainable and controlled nuclear reaction. The U.S. carried out its first nuclear bomb test in the New Mexico desert in July, 1945. This marked the start of nuclear power plants. In the 1950s and 1960s, nuclear power plants were being built and were deemed as safe. However, there are pros and cons of everything as there are two sides to every story. Nuclear power plants in Tri-State areas may not prove to be a great idea because of the large population count of the areas and because of the dangerous effects nuclear power plants can have on people.

The issue of whether nuclear power plants are a good idea or not requires much thought and planning especially in populous places like the Tri-State areas. Through careful examination and research, many significant advantages of using nuclear power plants in Tri-State areas can be recognized. For example, nuclear power plants can satisfy the demand for…

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