Nuclear Energy Is The United States Essay examples

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Sander Lush
Chemistry P.4

Nuclear Sustainability Atoms are tiny particles that make up every object in the universe. Nuclear energy is the “life force” in the nucleus of an atom. There is powerful energy present in the bonds that hold the nucleus together, and this “nuclear energy” can be used to make electricity; however, that energy must first be released from atoms through nuclear fission. In a nuclear power plant, nuclear fission – the process of splitting highly-reactive atoms to form smaller atoms to release high amounts of energy -- occurs in uranium to heat water into pressurized steam, which then drives turbine generators to produce electricity. Approximately 100 nuclear power plants reside all across our country, as they are very important in providing 19 percent of “clean” energy in the United States. Despite the benefit to our society, nuclear power plants do have some public concerns. This is the reason for the diversity of opinions about the harvesting of nuclear power in the United States, and whether our current nuclear waste management and safety controls provide the appropriate level of sustainability. In my point of view, the sustainability of nuclear power in the United States should continue, but it must be done so very responsibly, with an effort to continuously improve nuclear power plant safety to allay public concerns. In this report, I discuss the handling options for nuclear waste, evidence of the safety of nuclear power,…

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