Essay on Nuclear Debate On Nuclear Power

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Nuclear Question: Should Australia Partake Almost 40% of all enriched uranium begins its half-life in Australia but none of this is being used to generate energy in Australia. This is mostly due to the negative stigma that accompanies nuclear power. The fear of meltdowns, accidents and sabotage has lead the general populace to influence legislation against the use of nuclear power. Their fears, however, are unfounded as nuclear power is profitable, efficient and above all safe. Since such fears are mostly unfounded and the positives of nuclear energy outweigh the negatives it is safe to say Australia should adopt nuclear reactors to power their energy needs. The most common argument used against nuclear energy is often that it is a danger to our health, therefore the first step to prove that adopting nuclear power is beneficial, is to prove that it is safer than many other accepted forms of power. To start off with, nuclear energy has by far the fewest accidents of any fuelled plants to date with only 3 major incidents and only two that actually escaped the plant. Many opponents claim that the only reason fewer accidents have happened is because it has been used less over the years. This is proven false by how the amount of accidents in a nuclear facility per year is comparably lower than coal, oil or other conventional energy sources. Others would say that the accidents, when they occur, cause the more damage than any other energy source. This can be shown as false by…

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