Nuclear And Ballistic Missile Capabilities Essay example

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Decades of American and United Nation efforts have failed to prevent Iran from obtaining their own nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities. The most recent reports from multiple national and international sources have confirmed that Iran has successfully tested a nuclear warhead north of Namakzar-e Shahdad . A nuclear armed Iran poses a grave threat to the safety of Americans and the world. Announcements by Iran’s Supreme Leader warn against an offensive attack and they have made preemptive military movements and patrols as a show of force. It is in America’s best interest to resolve this conflict with a smart response leveraging our multilateral partnerships but reserving the right to make independent actions when warranted.
The American people and our national interests are best served by encouraging events which will foster Middle Eastern stability. America has used various Instruments of Power (IOP) to deter, compel and coerce Iran to abandon its nuclear weapon development . These goals have had a destabilizing effect on the region and could usher in a new period of conflict. The following outlines the elements of the DIME model and the Instruments of Power necessary to comprehensively address this threat and provide a long term plan for regional stability.
The first element of the DIME model necessary to address this situation is Information. There are many unknowns in this scenario and pending the answers they could shape the actions below. With the successful…

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