Essay about Ntc 362 Week 2, Integrative Network Design Project , Part 1

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Kudler Fine Foods Network Overview


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NTC 362

Upon reviewing Kudler Fine Food network, it has been determined that a major network overhaul will need to be conducted to make sure that Kudler is brought up to speed with the latest technology. This is very important because if Kudler is unable to keep up with the technological advances then the company will fall behind. Making sure that Kudler is not only able to keep up with the advances with network systems it is also important to install the proper systems so that no money is wasted. What is meant by this is that if the improper systems and storage units are installed to only handle data over the next year this is
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Kudler Fine Foods cannot just upgrade to Office 2010 because the current server does not have the system requirements needed to run the program. Once the new server are installed the ram will be upgraded along with all the abilities to uses a XLS spread sheet and share it out across the entire network. This spread sheet will be updated in real-time by the Point if sales systems. This information will be sent to all of the stores mangers so they will always know the status of their sales and inventory. The Novell servers that are installed at the Delmar and Lajolla stores were released in 1994 and are almost 20 years old. These systems will be replaced with one the recent releases of Microsoft Server to provide the support needed for the new network. These systems are important to the network as they are the brains to the network and will be control not only the authentication of the network, but access to the storage servers as well. Both the XSL and Novell servers not only be replace, but instead of having these systems in two locations they will be moved to the Delmar location which will provide a central location for server management. This will cut down on the down to have Network admins at both sites which in turn also saves Kudler Fine Foods money. The other benefit to moving the server to a central location is that it will provide an easier maintenance program. Instead of going to two different sites now

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