Nt2799 Oral Exam Essay

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Nt2799 Oral Exam
Topic I: The input/ output Process
1. A person wishes to purchase a personal computer for home usage. Identify the internal hardware components this computer should contain.
a. Mother board
b. Power supply
c. RAM
d. NIC
e. Graphic card if not on mother board
f. Processor

2. Explain in simple terms the I/O process.
a. The Input / Output Process - simply put anything that puts input into the computer is an Input device, such as a keyboard or mouse. Output is what comes out such as typing on the keyboard will give you output on your display monitor and some things do both such as a hard drive.

3. You typed “abcd”, but the locally attached printer prints garbled text. How do you go about resolving this issue?
a. It appears
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* Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP)

* On TCP/IP stack:

* Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP),

* File Transfer Protocol (FTP),

* Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

* Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)...

Topic III: SOHO Broadband

Level 3 Troubleshooting

A Small law office is equipped with a broadband service. The office network has recently encountered various symptoms of degraded services. Some individuals are not able to access data from the file server hosted in house from time to time, while some others are not able to access the email and database through thie internet occasionally. How do you propose to determine the cause and correct it.

Causes of network degradation can include propagation delays, which involve physically transporting data across an IT architecture, and problems with routing. Aspects of an IT system that modify or work on data can also cause different kinds of delays. End-point problems, where terminals or workstations acting as data destinations may experience delays because of insufficient memory or processing capacity, are another problem, as are other forms of degradation that occur as a result of malware or spyware.

Bad cabling, or a ISP issue.

Check replace cable, use virus/malware protection

Topic IV: TCP/IP

A user reports she cannot access the internet. Describe some of the tasks one would perform related to the TCP/IP protocol in order to troubleshoot this

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