Nt1210 Introduction to Networking Onsite Course Essay

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NT1210 Introduction to Networking Onsite Course


Credit hours: 4.5 Contact/Instructional hours: 56 (34 Theory Hours, 22 Lab Hours) Prerequisite(s) and/or Corequisite(s): Prerequisites: NT1110 Computer Structure and Logic or equivalent Course Description: This course serves as a foundation for the study of computer networking technologies. Concepts in data communications, such as signaling, coding and decoding, multiplexing, circuit switching and packet switching, OSI and TCP/IP models, LAN/WAN protocols, network devices and their functions, topologies and capabilities are discussed. Industry standards and the development of networking technologies are surveyed in conjunction with a basic awareness
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Date: 3/11/2013

Introduction to Networking


Course Summary
Major Instructional Areas
1. Hardware and Software Used in Data Networks 2. The OSI and TCP/IP Models and Their Applications 3. Classifications of Networks 4. Network Addressing (IPv4 and IPv6) 5. Physical and Logical Connectivity of Networks 6. Tools for Designing, Managing,

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