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Objectives and Assignments Week 7

Instructor: Thomas W. Chappell, PhD.

Office Hours (For appointments): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:30 – 6:00 PM

Objectives: Complete current week’s assignments submissions

Important Notes: Attendance in class is critical to your accomplishments Missing class is missing valuable information that will help you succeed and accomplish your goals Please attend every class for success in your field! Grading Policy: * Please read the last page of your syllabus which will be covered in week one. * Missing labs will be made up at 80% after the first week, 70% the after the second week and 0% the third week. * Quizzes
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Estimated Time: 25 minutes
Exploring the Part Routers Play in a WAN
EXPLORE Activity 2: The Importance of Routers
Estimated Time: 10 minutes
Exploring the Use of Leased Lines and Multiplexing
EXPLORE Activity 3: Leased Lines from Customers’ and Providers’ Standpoints
Estimated Time: 40 minutes
EXPLORE Activity 4: Moving Traffic over WAN Links
Estimated Time: 20 minutes
Exploring Frame-Relay
EXPLORE Activity 5: Frame Relay Service
Estimated Time: 20 minutes wide area networks
EXPLORE Activity 6: Summing Up
Estimated Time: 5 minutes
PRACTICE Activity 1: Unit 7 Assignment 1: Wide Area Networks Review
Estimated Time: 5 minutes
EXPLORE Activity 7: Unit 7 Research Project 1: Chapter 8 Mind Maps
Estimated Time: 5 minutes
Exploring WAN Physical Layer Aspects
APPLY Activity 1: Lab 7.1 Distance Considerations
Estimated Time: 20 minutes
Exploring the Part Routers Play in a WAN
APPLY Activity 2: Lab 7.2: WAN Connections
Estimated Time: 25 minutes
Exploring the Use of Leased Lines and Multiplexing
APPLY Activity 3: Lab 7.3 Communication Paths
Estimated Time: 15 minutes
Exploring Linux and Linux Networking Commands
APPLY Activity 4: Lab 2.5 Linux man Pages
Estimated Time: 30 minutes
APPLY Activity 5: Lab 7.4 Linux Networking
Estimated Time: 20 minutes Lesson Plan Week 7 In-Class Activities * Lab 7.1 Review, Question 1,

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