Nresture Essay: Nature Vs. Nurture?

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Nature vs. Nurture Essay Throughout many years scientists have been debating about whether nature or nurture is the driving force that shapes a person’s cognitive abilities and personal traits. Before the ongoing debate can be explained, it is necessary to understand what nature and nurture actually are. Nature is loosely defined as the genetics one inherits and tendencies that influence development. Many things in an individual are hereditary, for instance; gender, disease, height, eye color, natural talent for an activity, and many more. Nurture can be defined as various environmental factors that a person is exposed to, which can influence how a person develops. Nurture affects an individual’s growth through multiple ways such as: stressors, …show more content…
On the nature side of the argument scientists are looking for a gene or multiple genes that can explain why some athletes prosper further than others. They discovered the ACE gene which can be connected to endurance and power in an event like running. According to, “Athleticism: Nature or Nurture”, a director of sports science by the name of Ken von Someren states that, “genetic make-up accounts for fifty percent of variability in baseline performance” (Athleticism). However, this does not mean the genetic make up of a person puts them at advantage over the environmental factors someone else encounters. On the nurture side of the debate there are many elements that influence an athlete’s ability to perform well: coaches, parents, and culture. Coaches and parents play a vital role in optimizing the training for an athlete as well as motivating the athlete to reach higher levels of achievement. Culture impacts a large part in athletic success because certain areas put greater emphasis on specific sports; an example is how Brazil’s top sport is soccer. Therefore development of an athlete is neither a result of genetic make up nor environment, but a combination of the two. If an athlete has the proper genes, but never introduced to an environment in which they can flourish, then the full potential is not being put to use. Not …show more content…
One Bajau man by the name of Sulbin has adapted particularly well to the water. He has adapted in ways such as: free diving 20 meters underwater for minutes on one breath in order to fish, having better eyesight underwater, little body fat giving him a wiry frame, and the development of negative buoyancy. In the article “Human (Amphibious Model)” the debate of nature versus nurture is exemplified in Sulbin’s human adaptation, “the Bajau fisherman shows us how biology and culture are inseparable because what he does ends up shaping his body, but only because he grew up around people who knew how to manage becoming human in this distinctive way” (Downey). Thus the nature side of this example displays the environmental factors playing off of the biological systems already in a person. There are also limits as to how much environment can shape the genetic structures, for instance, Sulbin’s eardrums are ruptured due to the pressure of the depths at which he dives. Although other physiological aspects of him were able to alter, his hearing still got compromised due to it not being able to adjust to its environment. Even though nurture plays more of a vital roll in Sulbin’s accommodation to his aquatic life, nature is still influential in ways such as Sulbin’s limitations. In addition to the nature versus

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