Essay about Nr 304 Health History and Physical Examination Rua

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Health History and Physical Examination RUA
Chamberlain College of Nursing November 2014

In this Assessment nursing course, one of the major things that is taught is the most important part of giving proper care to a patient. Correct patient assessment is needed before any nursing care plan or treatment can be implemented. This post-review of a person’s assessment will demonstrate the proper way to go about assessing a person’s health.
Health History and Physical Examination
Health History
Under my care for the assessment was Felix Tshimanga, a 50-year old man who has been working in the hospital environment since his 20s. After living in New York for a little less than 10 years, he’s lived in Georgia for 10 years. The reason for
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The simple truth? Dieting is not something Americans enjoy doing on a daily basis. However, it is so important to control the intake of calories and carbs because, most likely, it’s more than enough. Your body only needs so much before blood clots form and heartburns come. Not only should dieting, or simply watching what you eat, be part of your life, but so should physical activity.
The overall experience and interaction was pleasant and not too much different than what I was expecting. What was different from what I learned is that while I am used to going to school to learn about how to do different things with a patient, when put on the job, you must remember that you are dealing with an actual real person, not just another hypothetical “patient”. Keeping my previous statement in mind, I was able to interact with Mr. Felix quite easily, and he seemed comfortable being assessed by me. One barrier that I encountered was that Mr. Felix was already a medical doctor and probably was more knowledgeable in some things than I was. However, he allowed me to do my job without interruption and communication went smoothly. I did not run into any unforeseen problems or barriers since both I and Mr. Felix are from the same ethnic background and grew up with similar cultural values. While interviewing, I wished I would have been able to do more in

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