Nozick 's View On Education Essay

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For Nozick, it seems as if the enforcement of contracts is something that is implemented by the State through the taxation of individuals income is more important over an excellent educational structure. But this seems odd, that Nozick would refute a society that offers public education to individuals. Public education is the one of the productive areas that is to thank when talking about wealth. The right to education is an essential right that needs to be fostered by the State because not everyone has the luxury to pay for it. Education is such an important need, but Nozick is not arguing that education is unjust instead he is referring to the act of having some other individual pay for it. The problem stems from the unconsented money that is taken away from people’s income to pay for the education of society. The argument now needs to be made of why and how does the right to education lead to the betterment of society thus, proving that taxation for the services that it offers is not unjust. The right to education for every individual is something that is essential to the development of the person. The development of the person in turn is due to the society that encourages and fosters it. A community that encourages its people to become engaged in the general well-being of the society is a society that thrives in all senses of the word. The only way to have a society that thrives is if you have educated individuals that are making educated decisions that determine the…

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