Essay on Now The Sun Had Fully Set At The Park

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Now the sun had fully set at the park. After observing Quay and Dino’s heated altercation, Vickie presented Yogi with the blunts and quarter pound cheeseburger that he had requested. “Here you go. You know you coulda rode with me.”
“Blah, blah, blah, Shaudy,” Yogi said, mocking her. “Why you crowding me so much? Like why in the fuck you feel the need to be under me every day. Shit I’m ‘bout sick u’d.”
Vickie was puzzled at where all of that had come from. “That’s messed up Yogi. You picked a fine time to say how you feel after all I done did for you.”
“Look it’s time for you to go,” he said, feeling his anger gradually rising from five to ten.
“Nah. I ain’t going nowhere until you give me my key,” she demanded in a high pitch.
Through a crack in the window, Dino overheard what Vickie had said. “Yo y’all alright,” he asked Yogi.
Bam didn’t hear him. “Bitch you pregnant with my baby. Now, you tripping. What the fuck you need the key for when I’m coming over there tonight?” he asked her loudly.
“That’s it. It’s over. Now give me my key so I can leave.”
“Here. You want your key. You can have it.” He took it out of his jeans and slapped her in the face with it. Kapow! The keyring had split her eyelid and it was bleeding. Bam, Quay, and Dino rushed over to the rental. Yogi put her in the choke-hold. She gagged and tried to free his arm from her throat. Getting to the rental first, Dino yanked on the door handle. It was locked.
“Let her go, Bruh.” Dino shouted.
Yogi kept…

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