Now Or Never By Bill Mckibben Essay

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Global Warming a Moral or Political Fight “Now or Never” by Bill McKibben is a short essay from an environmentalist who attempts to educate and awaken the sleeping minds of those who ignore the degenerating earth we call home. This essay notes that politics is a key, on page 594 McKibben writes, “this has to become a political issue—and fast” (Barnet, 2014). Is Global Warming real? Is Nature or Humans to blame for global warming? “Politics what is your role?” When I think of the earth, it is one of the most important issues to consider for the very existence of man, yet it is not top priority on the political or moral radar for most. The earth is one of the most sought after places for most known and imagined life forces today, dating back as far as the “1950’s fueled by the public’s fear of the “red scare” alien invasion movies hit their stride” (Thompson, 2011). Can we simply forge ahead without the careful consideration of our “moral and political” obligation as the appointed keepers of this precious gift the “earth?”
Global Warming is it real There has been many a debate over the issue, is global warming a real problem today, one that we can see and feel. What is your thought, can we see the effects of this life-threatening occurrence? Science is showing us that we can.
Erla Zwingle the author of the article “Melt down: the Alps Under Pressure” from the National Geographic 's Green Guide, went to investigate the melting of “Stubai Glacier with…

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