Novartis Human Resource Management Essay examples

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management

Multiple Choice

1. The basic functions of management include all of the following except _____. a. planning b. organizing c. motivating d. leading e. staffing (c; moderate)

2. The management process is made up of _____ basic functions. a. three b. four c. five d. eight e. ten (c; moderate)

3. Which basic function of management includes establishing goals and standards, developing rules and procedures, and forecasting? a. planning b. organizing c. motivating d. leading e. staffing (a; easy)

4. What specific activities listed below are part of the
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a. Line managers b. Staff managers c. Leaders d. Advisory board members e. All of the above (a; easy)

16. _____ are responsible for assisting and advising line managers in areas like recruiting, hiring, and compensation. a. Human resource managers b. Staff managers c. Line managers d. EEO officers e. Board members (a; easy)

17. Effective human resource management could include all of the following responsibilities except _____. a. placing the right person in the right job b. training employees c. controlling labor costs d. protecting employees’ health e. all are responsibilities necessary for effective human resource management (e; moderate)

18. Human resource managers generally exert _____ within the human resources department and _____ outside the human resources department. a. line authority; implied authority b. staff authority; line authority c. line authority; staff authority d. functional control; authoritarian control e. staff authority; specific authority (a; difficult)

19. Line managers respect the knowledge human resource managers have in areas such as testing and affirmative action. Consequently, human resource managers can influence line managers through _____. a. line authority b. functional

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