Nouns Lesson Pland for 2nd Grade Essay

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Chelsea Blomquist #5
Direct Teach Outline

Grade: Second
Language Arts Skill: Nouns
Objectives: The learner will identify nouns, by circling from a word bank, and use them in sentences on a worksheet with 85% accuracy.
TEKS: (17) Writing/grammar/usage. The student composes meaningful texts applying knowledge of grammar and usage. The student is expected to:
(A) use singular and plural forms of regular nouns
Purpose: Students need to be able to use and identify nouns because they are part of their everyday written and verbal speech.
Materials: index cards, worksheets, pencils, BrainPop video on nouns
Setup/Management Strategies- Create index cards for Quiz-Quiz-Trade game before class. Ask for volunteers to review
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Check for Understanding- Use the ‘thumbs up/down’ method with a list of words, some nouns and some not. Explain to the students that if they think the word called out is a noun they will give a thumbs up, if they don’t think it is a noun they will give a thumbs down. Wait until the entire class if holding up the correct sign before moving on to the next word. If some students have the incorrect sign call on a student that is correct and ask them to explain to the class why they think it is or isn’t a noun. Example list of words: dog, bark, school, home, walk, happy, cat, light, paper, chair, door, jump, scream, blanket, book, doctor, teacher, pool, zoo, crayon, desk)
Guided Practice- Students will play Quiz-Quiz-Trade with pre-made index cards. The card will have a word on the front and if it is a noun then on the back of the card it will say ‘Yes’ and identify whether it is a person, place, or thing. If the word on the front is not a noun the back of the card will simply say ‘No’. While the students are playing the game the teacher should roam around the room checking to make sure students stay on track and understand the directions. It is also a good idea to stop about halfway through to celebrate their progress so far and repeat the directions for clarification. Before the children get up to do this on their own the teacher should ask for 2 volunteers to model the process in front of the class. Directions for Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Students will

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