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Notre Dame University should espouse a respectable health environment for students at NDU to provide the scholars to have a healthy vigorous regime and guide them to take closer and wider consideration to their food ranges due to their increased danger of developing several illnesses and health complications where many researches have exposed that in the first two years the body structure of students changed and added weight, which means that the life style and the environment at the college ( cafeterias ,stress, smoking) have weaken the eating pattern of the students.
To implement a healthful environment, the NDU University must:
1. Present a variety types of healthy food in the canteen by adding for the first time at NDU fresh fruits (apple,
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They were given to 100 NDU students (50 males, 50 females), in addition the food frequency questionnaire targeted the daily burning and serving portion of fast food, homemade food, category and regularity of food consumed in the cafeteria, in addition to questions related to caffeine consumption and smoking. As for the Stress questionnaire, the interrogations were about how often students sensed or thought in a certain manner during the previous month. We used graphs to examine the information and numbers and opinion variances. Supplementary facts was assembled and examined regarding smoking, type smoked, the quantity smoked per week, and the caffeine absorbed per day, due to their importance and grave influence on the well-being and augmented the infection threat when taken overly and …show more content…
The NDU fellows should sustain such model and investigate for the greatest opportunity to aid the learners lodge with the new plan. However, the students themselves must support such procedure and bounce their beliefs regarding the nutriment at the cafeteria and how they can improve it. Economic support is required to modify the menu in the cafeteria and make it better. The NDU will be obliged first to question scholars about their view relating to this subject, will request help from local and national specialists and will have to reassess the food which is being served in the cafeteria. The cafeteria will be obliged also to modify all its menu. The staff will adapt a new technique in cooking (ingredients), trying to serve healthier meals. They will try their best to encourage students eating healthy foods without complaining.
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