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Violence and abuse rife in food factories
Supermarket suppliers under fire as one-fifth of workers interviewed for inquiry report being pushed or hit * * Share * * * -------------------------------------------------
Karen McVeigh and Felicity Lawrence * -------------------------------------------------
The Guardian, Saturday 13 March 2010 * -------------------------------------------------
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Thousands of workers in Britain's lucrative food industry are being subjected to widespread mistreatment and exploitation, including physical and verbal abuse and degrading working conditions, according to an inquiry published
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The report found that 80% of processed meat goes to Britain's supermarkets, and that the main reason agency staff are used is to meet the big stores' demand.
Yesterday, Jack Dromey, the deputy general secretary of Unite union, which has campaigned for better rights for supermarket supply chain workers for four years, said: "Britain's supermarkets should hang their heads in shame."
Neil Kinghan, the EHRC director general, said: "We have heard stories of workers subjected to bullying, violence and being humiliated and degraded by being denied toilet breaks. Some workers feel they have little choice but to put up with these conditions out of economic necessity. Others lack the language skills to understand and assert their rights.
"While most supermarkets are carrying out audits of their suppliers, our evidence shows that these audits are not safeguarding workers and they clearly need to take steps to improve them. The processing firms themselves and the agencies supplying their workers also need to pay more than lip-service to ensuring that workers are not subjected to unlawful and unethical treatment."
Half of agencies and a third of processing firms said it was difficult to recruit British workers and that they thought they were deterred by the pay and conditions. A few British workers spoke of their difficulty registering for work with

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