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General Information Project Name: | Installation of garage shelves | Project Budget: | $2,500 | Project Deadline: | 09/14/2015 - 09/28/2015 | Project Sponsor: | Shawn Alborz | Project Manager: | Chin-Chi Chen | Date Prepared: | 09/14/2015 | Client/Customer: | Shawn Alborz |

Project Background
The current two-level shelves are falling apart and have not enough space for storage. If the new 5-level shelves are installed, the garage will become safer and have higher usage.

Project Purpose
The project will Increase the garage storage space by 252,000 inch3 (30 inch x 70 inch x20 inch x5 levels x12 shelves)

Project Scope
The project is installation of 12 shelves (5 levels, 30x70 inches) in a
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Since the shelves are installed along the walls of the garage, it is important that the walls are strong enough. Second, electric power is needed for a variety of tools for installation. Finally, tools and material are required for installation.

The project manager has validated the wall structure and plug in by checking the garage in person, and suppliers have validated that all required tools and materials are available.

Assumptions include:
1. Garage wall is strong enough to be installed
2. Plug in is available in the garage for installation
3. Tools and materials are available for purchase

Key Stakeholders
Shawn Alborz, the project sponsor, provides project fund and is also the client of project. As the project manager, Chin-Chi Chen will lead the planning and execution to complete the project. Yuanyu Xiang and Hao Jiang, the core team members, assist the project manager and carry out project activities. The key stakeholders are summarized as below.

Stakeholder | Primary Role | Shawn Alborz | Sponsor and client | Chin-Chi Chen | Project manager | Yuanyu Xiang and Hao Jiang | Core team members |

Potential Risks
The project team has identified risks that may impact the project through brainstorming and other similar project

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