Memoirs Of A Woman Travel Alone Analysis

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In the book “Nothing to Declare; Memoirs of a Woman Traveling Alone” by Mary Morris mention “travel shaped by a traveler’s gender” as a man vs as a female alone. On Page 10 explained it was not easy for the woman to travel alone. “If you are attacked while walking down this road, you have no place to go. For the first time, I walked that quarter mile at night alone. Every shadow, every sound, made me turn. I behaved like a hunted thing. It is not easy to move through the world alone, and it is never easy for a woman.” It was different between those genders because as male normally not that afraid of the stranger and the new environment that include not always concern about their safety as can do self-defense if need. While women had …show more content…
Looking back now, I think she was crazy to do so” (p.21) She thinks she have a great sense of direction and know where she supposed to head on her own journey without having a hard time. “Sometimes it is difficult, but I try to read other maps. Maps of my own inner landscape, of dreams and of the outcome of the events of my life, of the warnings and signs of others. When I see the danger, I step away. When I think I can move forward, I move ahead, and when I think I can come closer, I do. Sometimes I am wrong, but often, if I pay attention, I am right, and these maps of my own instincts guide me as surely as any by Rand McNally would.” (p.23) The author couldn’t be that sure or even follow her instincts which made partly of her journey difficult because she doesn’t know what to follow if this is the right path for her or not. She should have trusted her instincts and learn from her mistake if it didn’t work. Women travelers as the individual have some of pure sense of direction not always able to overcome their fear because of “being lost somewhere” could be more scare as they would not have anywhere to turn in safe especially with night time and place that you are not familiar with. But in other side, women want to prove the society that they can travel alone just like men do. Women don 't want society to think they are less important than men who couldn’t face the fear alone. She wants …show more content…
She tried so hard to help their country to be better environment by providing many different resources that America has provided. I am sure that she got an advantage on first from everyone in Africa because she comes from America and know nothing about that country not as much when she leave as Peace Corps volunteers as two years. She as a travel witness what reality related to men control women, rape, etc. Both had brought the parallel where I have seen similarly which are poverty, not good doctors/resources, disease, terrorist. Most things you will need such as the hospital, stores, or even doctors will not in the same area as where author located in. It was much more far away and have a hard time to get there to get what need to be done. I think Guiss experience a lot of fear because she lives in a different country and very poverty not have that good security compares to America. We have a great system where most female are protect by someone. We still do face with the crime such as rape. I don’t think that necessarily to be white to be in those circumstances where they play a role in the foreign country. It does not matter if you are white or black, people over there in Africa doesn’t have any good education or even acknowledge what individual need to survive as

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