Nothing Really Essay

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Everyone makes mistakes, whether big or small. That’s why no one’s perfect. We all learn from something – by observing, listening, asking. Sometimes, we learn from others’s mistakes. But other times, we find ourselves confronted with the consequences brought about by our own mistakes. Whether done intentionally or unintentionally, mistakes are mistakes. And as we are human beings, we have no power to press rewind and do things over. It’s done, it’s there, we have to deal with it – that’s life.

I would like to thank you because :
For the new experiences and adventures we gained from traveling
For the stories we shared simply because we needed someone to talk to,
For the mistakes we made that got us into trouble but made us closer,
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However, we have to learn how to let the past BE the past to fully enjoy and live in the present. That’s why it’s called the past in the first place. It was meant to stay there.

My past will always serve to be a reminder of things done and lessons learned. It holds some of the most precious memories I’ve shared with people who matter. But the present is handing me more memories to keep, people to cherish, stories to tell. I’ve been caught up in the past that I can’t even feel the happiness that’s right in front of me.

Now, I’m finally moving on and being happy:)


We make them everyday.From the moment we wake up, we make decisions whether conscious or unconscious. From the little things of what to wear, what to eat, what to say to big decisions like what career path to take, which university to go to, or maybe to something more serious like which businesses to invest in.Each decision we make leads us to a different outcome, a different path. By choosing one over the other, we subject ourselves to face the consequences that come along with it. I believe there’s no single perfect decision. And when you happen to choose the wrong one, it’s either you drown yourself in regret or accept it and try to make it work. Everything does happen for a reason. Maybe sometimes you end up choosing the wrong one because you need to make mistakes to learn. If everything was perfect, you probably won’t have the feeling of satisfaction or

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