Nothing Gold Can Stay Poem Analysis

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Life is a special journey that human beings must have to go through. In this journey, human will see many beautiful things, go through many precious moments, and most importantly, they will have to make many decisions, which they can not guess where they will go or what they will get with that decision. Life is a difficult journey that is hard to explain. However, Robert Frost, a famous American poet, wrote two poems, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” and “The Road Not Taken”, to describe this life journey. In the poems, Frost uses many metaphors and figurative languages to make these poems to look more vivid and meaningful. Besides, these two poems dimly narrate thing that are beautiful are often less lasting, and decisions often have the power to change a person’s life or create differences. Further, the poems, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” and “The Road Not Taken”, contain a lot of metaphors and figurative languages to describe how beautiful things in life are often transience, and how a decision can create all the differences.
Robert Frost begins this poem with a meaningful and impressive title, “nothing gold can stay.” Frost uses metaphors, similes, figurative languages, and personifications, to express the change process of the seasons. Meanwhile,
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In the poem, the poet is traveling and comes up to an across roads. He has to make a decision of which road to continue his journey. One way looks safer and easier to continue down. Nonetheless, the other road looks more problematic. Eventually, he chooses the one which less traveled and does not look as convenient to route. Hence, at the end of the poem, he states the road he chose has “make all the difference”, which is another theme of the poem. Not only is about the theme choice making, but it also indicates that no matter which choice people have made, it often brings up surprises and differences to

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