`` Nothing Comes Easy ' By Rachel Platten Essay

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"Nothing comes easy." My Fathers voice echoes through my head.

My fingers slowly stroked the white keys as I prepared myself to play the piece once again. I starred down the music sheet in front of me with determination. My third time playing this piece and I 'm feeling lucky.

I started playing the piece humming the tune as I went along. I was playing my favorite, Fight song by Rachel Platten. I played with all my heart and enjoyed every second of it. I had never enjoyed anything more then when I had played the piano. I loved how beautiful and different every note sounded.

Losing friends and I 'm chasing sleep

Everybody 's worried about me-" I sang softly as I continued to play.

"In too deep

Say I 'm in too deep

And it 's been two years

I miss my home

But there 's a fire burning in my bones

Still believe

Yeah, I still believe"

"I had always wished you would have took singing lessons." My Mom speaks up making me jump in response.

"My gosh woman! You should have knocked instead of scaring me like that" I yell, making my Mother giggle in return

" I 'm sorry sweetheart I didn 't want to interrupt your playing. I just wanted to tell you that it 's time for dinner." she spoke with a smile on her face.

My Mothers dark brown hair fell at shoulder length. Her eyes were hazel that always held a spark in them. She didn 't show her age much. She was forty-seven but looked to be around Thirty-one. I smiled at her as I noticed she was wearing the necklace my…

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