Essay about Nothing Can Be Accomplished Without Norms or Standards.

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Professor Stacey Joshua
English 1A
Sep 13, 2010

Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. With the development of the society, young people are getting more and more freedom, chasing the individuality. However, freedom is limited and relative. If there is too much freedom for the people, they will display of contempt for the fundamentals of order. In other worlds, a rich social institution needs to be governing by the laws and rules. Anyone who wants to survive in this society must agree and observe these norms. Supposing that everyone persists in their own way, it will result in social confusion. Every thing has a rule, state-owned national law, the home has a plan. The law is a fundamental of a country; the
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First of all, team spirit is the vital element for a good operation of an organization. If someone went his own way and didn't follow the team rules, than the significance of team spirit will gets lost. In "Impact: Our Intention to Make a Difference and Our Readiness to Act ", the authors write that "Goals and plans are at the heart of what most organizations talk about —along with objectives and procedures, roles and rules" (Bellman and Ryan 116). Namely, every ordinary team desirous to achieve the amazing results and it's necessary for them to create a target. After they established their objectives, it’s very important for the team member to follow and pay their decisive roles. Second, to perform every job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Recently, our back yard needs to be repair, so my parents hire a Mexican repairman for the repair. At the beginning, the repairman works hard everyday, and he makes us a good impression. But when his finish half of the job, he ask for the deposit, which is about 300 dollars. After we gave him the deposit, he has shelved the job for a few days without notices us. A week later, he came back and continues the job. He also told us that he has just come back his country. How can an individualists being so insist on living and behaving as they please? He never regard of the consequence; he never worry about his reputation on his business. He is just being self-reliance.

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