Essay about Nothing But Freedom By Eric Foner And Standing At Armageddon

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Both books Nothing but Freedom by Eric Foner and Standing at Armageddon by Nell Irvin Painter both represent many aspects of history throughout their books. As well as exploring the events that have happened, they also exhibit many issues along with each area of history. Both of these together make these books valuable sources of information.
Throughout the novel Nothing but Freedom by Eric Foner, Foner explores the major outcomes that the South of the United States experienced through the emancipation of slaves. Foner accurately portrays the power that the emancipated freedman and white land owners fought for and struggled over. One example of this constant struggle provided by Foner was the establishment of the Black Codes. The Black Codes were created in order for the white men to preserve their sense of white supremacy that was apparent throughout many of the southern states. Keeping this white supremacy allowed the white men to control how the new freedmen would work and overall act within the society, such as working under annual contracts with penalties, for example prison sentences, if they were disrespectful to the white land owners. As well as painting a vivid picture of the effects that emancipation of slaves had on the South and how the South continued to try to control the freedmen through the power of state laws, Foner is also able to compare the era of reconstruction in the United States to the other reconstruction periods after the emancipation of slaves in…

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