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Literature under Spanish Colonialism (1893)

1565 * When Spain established their first permanent settlement in the Philippines. They place upon the on the Filipino people the Spanish Monarch and Roman Catholic Religion.
* (taga-bayan) Filipinos who settled where they were within easy reach of the power of the church and State.
* (taga- bukid or taga bundok) are the Filipinos who kept their distance from colonial administrators and their native agents, staying close to the sources of their livelihood in the mountains. * The distinction were beyond indicating mere geographic origin and took an overtones of cultural snobbery as the effect of colonization seeped deeper into the
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This was the poem “May Bagyo Ma’t May Rilim” pulished in Memorial de la vida Cristiana along with poems by San Jose himself and the bilingual poet (ladino) Fernando Bagongbanta.
May Bagyo Ma’t May Rilim * Uses the turbulent nature imagery to affirm Christian heroism.

Spanish Impositions/ Filipino Response

* Reading, writing and arithmetic were taught Catechetical school which was usually the farthest the Filipino of time could go in education.
Purpose of Schooling * Was to impart the fundamentals of Christian Doctrine to the children who would, in time, take over from the adults as loyal subjects of the Monarch and devoted flock of the church.
18th Century * It was the rare Filipinos who had schooling beyond the Catechetical level; so that anyone who could read the roman alphabet, learn the Spanish well enough to write in it and interpret for the missionaries became a privilege of a person.
* “Latinized” or colonizers who are able to read and write in one of the Latin languages.

Pedro Bukaneg * The Ilokano poet to whom the published version of Lam-ang is often attributed.
Tomas Pinpin * The printer, author of a manual titled “ang Libreng Pag-aaralan ng mga Tagalog ng wikang Catilla” in 1610.
Fernando Bagongbanta * The poet mentioned earlier for his contribution to San Jose Memorial de la vida Cristina.
Gasper Aquino de Belen * The first

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