Notes On Uncertainty Of Life Essay

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Uncertainty in Life
Page 92
The person who lives in this room is a teenager who lives in New York City. He has so much going on in his life that it is even hard to write about. His parents came to the United States from Puerto Rico in 1980’s. He’s a first generation American who was born and raised in New York City. Being the only child in his family wasn’t the stress-free thing. He was basically growing up alone. He always wished that he had siblings, because if he did, his parents wouldn’t give him as much attention and wouldn’t ask so many questions. When his parents go to work he goes to play around with his friends on the block. Even though he has lived on the same block his whole life, he knows his way around the city and likes to go for walks.
He has a very nice bike that he got for his birthday a long time ago, but he never uses it. He would rather walk. In fact, he walks so much that a lot of his shoes got very worn down. Walking around clears his mind and lets him think about the future and what he is going to do when he graduates college. He has dreams about being in the NBA, but he knows in reality it is almost impossible. He has to think about “plan B” but doesn’t really know yet what he wants to do with his life.
Ever since he was little he fell in love with basketball. Almost anywhere he goes, he always has a basketball with him. The love for the sport kept him going through all the hardships he had to face throughout his life. It especially helped him to…

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